Who do I contact about U.S. visa?

U.S. visa


Structure DS-160 is submitted electronically to the Department of State website through the Internet. Consular Officers use the information entered on the DS-160 to deal with the visa application and, got together with a singular gathering, choose a competitor’s capability for a nonimmigrant visa.


U.S. Visas Contacts

If you are looking for general visa information, for instance, the classes of visas that are available, or how to apply, we recommend you review the information on US VISA HELP DESK. You will moreover find course on the most capable technique to apply for a visa on the site of the U.S. International safe haven or Consulate closest your place of home.


Assuming you have further inquiries regarding visas to the United States that are not replied on this site or on the site of the U.S. Government office or Consulate where you intend to apply, our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) may help you:


  1. About Visas – The Basics
  2. Visa Waiver Program
  3. Worker Visa Processing FAQs
  4. Outsider Visa Fee Payment FAQs
  5. Outsider Visa Affidavit of Support FAQs
  6. DS-260, Online Immigrant Visa Application FAQs
  7. Instructions to Submit Documents to the NVC
  8. Outsider Visa Medical Exam FAQs
  9. Outsider Visa Interview Preparation FAQs


US VISA HELP DESK or the Visa Office doesn’t answer requests through the mail. This helps us smooth out and offer better types of assistance for all required by utilizing the more productive contact strategies underneath.


One Year Contact Requirement

Migration and Nationality Act (INA) segment 203(g) gives that the Secretary of State will end the enrollment (request) of any outsider who neglects to apply for a settler visa in something like one year of notice of visa accessibility. The request might be reestablished if, in something like two years of notice of visa accessibility, the outsider demonstrates that the inability to apply was because of reasons unchangeable as far as the outsider might be concerned. Accordingly on the off chance that you don’t answer sees from the NVC in no less than one year you risk end of your request under this part of regulation and would lose the advantages of that appeal, for example, your need date.


Where might I at any point apply for a US Visa Online (eVisa)?

HOW TO APPLY US VISA Candidates can apply online at US Visa Application Form.


There are numerous nations all over the planet that offer eVisa, USA is one of them. You should be from a Visa Waiver Country to have the option to get an America Visa Online (eVisa).


More nations are continually being added to the rundown of nations that can profit the advantage to get Electronic US Visa otherwise called eVisa. US Government looks at this as a favored technique to apply for a little while to US which is under 90 days.


Migration officials at C.B.P (Customs and Border Protection) will audit your application, and whenever it is endorsed, they will send you an email saying that your US Visa Online has been supported. Whenever this is finished, all you are required is to go to the air terminal. You require no stamp on your visa or mail/dispatch your identification to the consulate. You can get the flight or journey transport. To be protected, you can remove a print from the US eVisa that has been messaged to you or you can keep a delicate duplicate on your telephone/tablet.


What are the finished Eligibility Requirements for the US Visa Online (eVisa)?

The prerequisites are exceptionally light. You are supposed to meet the accompanying prerequisites:


  1. You have a legitimate identification from a country that is offering US Visa Online (eVisa).
  2. The reason for your outing should be one of the three, travel/the travel industry/business-related (e.g., conferences).
  3. You have a substantial identification from a country that is offering US Visa Online (eVisa) or Visa on appearance for American residents.
  4. The reason for your excursion should be one of the three, travel/the travel industry/business-related (e.g., conferences).


data at the hour of finishing up web-based US Visa Application Form:


  1. Individual information like name, spot of birth, date of birth
  2. Recognizable proof number, date of issue, date of expiry
  3. Contact data like location and email
  4. Business subtleties
  5. Parent subtleties



After the visa interview, you ought to believe that your application will be dealt with. Taking care of times depend upon the sort of US visa you applied for, yet they can go from two or three days to several months. Right when your visa is dealt with, you will check whether you were upheld or denied. You should simply make travel arrangements after your visa is upheld and not risk introducing costs in protection assuming it is denied.