What to Expect on an Arabian Nights Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

If you’re thinking about going on an Arabian nights Dubai desert safari, there are several things you should know. From getting henna tattoos to enjoying shawarma, you’ll be living like a local. Read on to find out what to expect. Whether you’re interested in exploring the Emirati culture or getting a shawarma, you’ll want to choose the right tour company.


Experience life as a local on a desert safari in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is renowned for its desert. This is a unique and mystical landscape that is alive with wildlife. The desert is protected by protectorates and conservation reserves. Before modernisation and modern conveniences took over, the Emirati people used to live in the desert. The Emiratis were a traditional society that adapted well to the desert environment. This ancient culture is still alive and well in the UAE today.

While on the desert safari, guests will be treated to an Arabian style barbecue and traditional entertainment. They can participate in various activities such as falconry shows, belly dancing, and smoking sheesha. Other highlights include henna sessions and traditional Emirati culture.

Bedouins are the natives of the desert and lived on falcons and camels. You will have the opportunity to experience their lifestyle firsthand while staying in a Bedouin camp. During the night, guests will be served traditional Arab food and enjoy traditional desert music and dance.


Get henna tattoos

You can get henna tattoos during an Arabian nights Dubai desert safari. Henna tattoos have been used for centuries by the women of the region and are popular among visitors of the desert. These designs are traditionally painted on the hands, arms, and feet of brides and are believed to bring good luck. A henna tattoo can last up to two weeks. People with sensitive skin are not recommended to get them.

In addition to henna tattoos, you can get sheesha during your trip. The process is relaxing and fun, and professional henna artists will apply beautiful Arabic designs to your skin. These designs will fade away after several weeks. They can be applied on your hands, feet, or palms. The henna tats have a mild scent. You can also get sheesha at the camp site if you prefer.

Despite the controversy surrounding henna tattoos, the process is generally safe for most people. Historically, henna has been used as medicine, especially for skin conditions such as sunburn and dryness. It also prevents insects and fungus from feeding on dried animal skin.


Explore the Emirati culture

The desert safari is a unique way to experience the Emirati culture. It begins with a pickup from your hotel and ends with a drop-off at the designated location. This program offers a range of activities including dune bashing, camel riding, and sand boarding. Afterwards, you can enjoy a traditional dinner and shisha. You can also opt to ride quad bikes through the desert.

The desert is a major part of Emirati culture. You can explore this region on a desert safari, which will take you through the sand dunes and give you a fascinating insight into the Emirati way of life. The tour will also include cultural lessons and an introduction to the desert’s landscape.

This desert safari can be enjoyed by children as young as six, as well as adults. There is no dress code for this activity, but you should wear loose, lightweight clothing, as it can get hot and uncomfortable. You should also wear walking shoes to support your feet while walking through the sand.