These residents can involve the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). A program oversaw by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Homeland Security. As the Netherlands takes part in the VWP, most Dutch residents needn’t bother with a visa to make a trip to the U.S.In US, the home license is known as a Green Card and accompanies admittance to various offices. In this way, as a Dutch resident, one should pick the kind of Green Card the person needs to apply for.

Archives Required for the USA ESTA Application for Netherlands Citizens

US VISA FOR DUTCH CITIZENS Candidates should check they meet the visa necessities for Dutch residents prior to starting the US ESTA process. Dutch nationals should guarantee they have the current accompanying things:

  1. Legitimate Netherlands visa
  2. Oftentimes utilized email address
  3. Credit or check card

Dutch nationals are not obliged to have an identification legitimate for a considerable length of time or more on the date they show up in the US. However long their identifications are legitimate for their whole stay, they are entirely qualified to apply for the ESTA.

Moreover, Dutch residents should guarantee the card they mean to utilize has been recently approved for online installments. They should likewise present an email address that is as often as possible utilized. The affirmation email for the supported ESTA and any remaining interchanges may be done by email.

What Is a USA ESTA for Netherlands Citizens and What Does It Do?

The American visa strategy for global guests subtleties which section licenses are expected by various ethnicities for different purposes. Dutch guests regularly need to enroll with the ESTA.

The US Department of Homeland Security acquainted the ESTA in 2009 with movement to the United States for transient visits for the travel industry, business, or travel purposes.

How to Apply for a US Visa?

US VISA ONLINE APPLICATION For the vast majority all over the planet, needing to go to the US implies that they need a visa. The purposes behind needing to go vary from simply visits for the travel industry or business, working, contemplating, or for all time moving there. The nation draws in a great many individuals who have different objectives and need to accomplish “the American dream”. Notwithstanding, there are numerous boundaries and one of them is getting a visa. To apply for a US visa you will follow a clear application system and steps.

Moves toward Apply for a US Visa

You ought to apply for a US visa at a US Consulate or Embassy in your nation of home by following these basic advances:

  1. Check in the event that you want a visa.
  2. Pick the kind of US visa you will apply for.
  3. Fill in the Non-foreigner visa Application Form DS-160.
  4. Pay your application expense.
  5. Plan visa interview.
  6. Order the record document.
  7. Go to the visa interview.
  8. Hang tight for handling.


Structure DS-160 is submitted electronically to the Department of State site by means of the Internet. Consular Officers utilize the data entered on the DS-160 to handle the visa application and, joined with an individual meeting, decide a candidate’s qualification for a nonimmigrant visa.