Subwoofers Come With VAST Technology


A car subwoofer can provide deep, bassy audio in which car subwoofers that produce a clean sound. But to get one that matches your vehicle, you need to consider its characteristics such as space available and what kind of music you enjoy listening to.

Before making a purchase, take into account the power rating and impedance of the subwoofer. Be sure to read all specifications thoroughly and consult with an experienced audio system installer before making your decision.

VAST Technology

The car subs that come with the VAST technology is an XML schema designed to facilitate communication between video players and ad servers, providing various ad formats and tracking options – essential for publishers looking to expand their digital video ad business.

With VAST 4.0, the IAB has introduced some key features designed to simplify video ad operations for publishers and advertisers alike. In addition to supporting viewability standards, VAST 4.0 introduces error codes and a standardized time stamp.

VAST 4.0 introduces ad-stitching, which allows users to stitch linear video ads together into an ongoing stream of content and send them off to clients with limited ad display capabilities. This can be especially helpful for mobile applications that lack traditional ad serving capabilities and cannot track video ad impressions using traditional methods. Furthermore, conditional ad declarations help prevent lost inventory revenue and restore it when necessary.

FlexFit Basket

One of the most critical considerations when purchasing a subwoofer is its capacity for heat dissipation, especially during intense bass sessions. Rockford Fosgate has developed an innovative cooling method that uses an aluminum ring to cool its voice coils and surrounds. This ring not only keeps the motor assembly cool but also eliminates power compression – often considered one of the subwoofer’s weak points.

This subwoofer ring features eight slots to enable installers to mount it in an aesthetically pleasing way. At its top is a custom four-spoke hybrid stamp-cast aluminum basket with cast cooling insert and well-executed mounting lip, plus several small vents under the voice coil former for cooling efficiency. While not the most stylish woofer on the block, you’re sure to make heads turn in your neighborhood for years to come with this beast!

Anodized Aluminum Cones

The P3D2-12 10 inch subwoofer boasts one of the coolest-looking car subs on the market – and not just because they look cool! Aside from that, these anodized aluminum cones are more durable than wood counterparts and less vulnerable to moisture damage. They also come with some nice bonus features like a fancy remote control and door tamper proof cover. Although these may be some of the priciest car subs available, they guarantee to please. These striking, quality-built speakers may even have you wishing for more than one set! Or, perhaps these thundering subs would make an excellent present for the car enthusiast on your list! Utilizing cutting edge engineering, these speakers will surely please both you and your passengers alike – plus, they come with a guarantee to perform as promised! The P3D2-12 is sure to please everyone in the house!

Spider Venting

Spider Plateau Venting is a common method used for cooling the voice coil of subwoofers. These large vents surround the motor structure between the spider and voice coil, allowing cool air to be drawn in from all directions onto the hot spot.

The MTX subwoofers with VAST technology all boast this exclusive venting system.

Although not as efficient as other methods for cooling a woofer’s voice coil, this technique still enables it to handle plenty of power while keeping its motor structure cool.

Subwoofer performance relies heavily on how well the cone moves forward and backward, pushing cool air onto and away from its voice coil.

This allows the woofer to handle more power with lower inductance and improved efficiency, enabling it to deliver more bass from a smaller enclosure! This type of suspension works especially well for subs that spend their days inside compact vented or sealed alignments.